Examination level 1 and 2

After the course is completed it´s time for the exam.

  • In Berlin the exam will take place at the School site Groninger Strasse 48 – 13347 Berlin
  • In Hannover the exam is c/o Difonzo Eat – Isernhagen Hannover
  • It is a written exam consisting of both open and multiple-choice questions.  You have 120 minutes to answer. To pass, at least at 60% of the answers must be right.
  • The exams will be correct immediately and you will be given the results the same day.
  • If you fail the exam you can try again at any other exam-date within a 12 month period, as long as you have a valid membershipcard. You can also do the exam Online

We are following the current rules of maximum number of participants and distancing. Due to this we will also open up more dates and give more opportunities to take the exams. Including the possibility to do the exam Online.