SOMMELIER COURSE Level 1 [English]

In our english speaking sommelier course in Berlin we give you access to the wonderful world of wine.

Level 1 of our wine course consists of 9 lessons + exam date with the Classical Formula (one date per week).

  • Service and Sensoric Analysis:
  • Task of the Sommelier
  • Technique of tasting 1
  • Technique of tasting 2

Each lesson includes a professional tasting of different delicious wines. We will train you in the recognition of quality, sensory characteristics, wine description and how to use the tasting card.

After passing the examination at the end of the course, you receive admission to the 2nd level.

The starting date depends on the number of the members (min. 6). The lessons in small working groups bring an intensive and personalized training course.

Dates and time, see Kalendar
1 UnterrichtTask of the sommelier
2 Unterricht Technique of tasting 1
3 Unterricht Technique of tasting 2
4 Unterricht Viticulture
5 Unterricht Oenology
6 Unterricht Sparkling and sprinkled wines
7 Unterricht Destillate
8 Unterricht Fortified wines and
9 Unterricht European wine laws and beer
Introduction to the technique of combining food and wine

Dates and time, see Calendar

Exam: See the calendar

Prices Level 1: € 799,- (incl. VAT) incl. all wines & teaching materials

In order to benefit from the didactic courses on offer, a one-off fee of € 84.00 (incl. VAT) is charged upon registration. This fee includes a one-year membership in advance (receipt of the membership card of the European Sommelier School Germany).

The annual membership card also entitles the holder to purchase at reduced prices from partners of the European Sommelier School and includes special conditions for visits to various wineries and events.

Your Sommelier-Team
Europäische Sommelier Schule – Berlin

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